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Published on June 10th, 2016 | by Editor


How a small marketing company can handle a large client load

It is the dream of so many to set up their own business. For those that are sat inside in a dreary office, casting sideways glances at the rest of the open plan affair and making bored eye contact with co-workers whilst feeling unfulfilled and close to being brain dead, setting up a business becomes the only option.

For those that take the plunge though, what happens if the big dream of a huge amount of work overnight actually materialises? If the start-up you have just presided over for a small period is suddenly inundated with a gigantic client base asking for your services and there are only five of you manning the entire operation, how can you get it all done without being overwhelmed?

A large client load is definitely fantastic news. After all, it’s exactly what you set up the business for in the first place, and there is no point in hiding away from what could potentially be one of the biggest challenges of your career to this point.

Typing numbers for income tax return with pen and calculator

When there is so much work to do at once the seams could start to stretch and crack pretty quickly if you aren’t staying on top of everything. Keeping meticulous records that are always easy to access is an essential starting point. Being able to order everything and knowing what needs to be done in what order can help you figure out where to begin.

It could well be the case that even with all of the staff at your disposal, you may not be able to carry out all of these orders for your company. If you do manage to do so, there is definitely a chance that under the pressure of an intense workload, mistakes could be made and could lead to unhappy clients. No doubt disappointing your clients is the last thing you want, as future orders will dwindle if the word spreads.

To keep your staff happy and not wilting under reams of service requests, finding ways to outsource some of the burden could be a huge help in running the business smoothly. Look to partner with accountants especially for contractors who know the market in which you operate and can help alleviate some of the stress.

Having financial aspects of the business taken care of by experts who are only a call away can help you avoid the pitfalls of trying to manage everything at once when you need to be concentrating on something else. Accountants can also sort out all of the invoices and make sure the numbers add up, as well as chasing up funding from the client end. This all allows you and your staff to get to grips with the mammoth task at hand, and it also gives you the best chance of coping with running your own business.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day, and correctly handling this sort of situation could make or break a business, but with the right staff and the right decisions, there’s only one way it will work out.

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