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Brand Review

Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Editor


Serge De-Nimes

Serge DeNimes is an urban fashion brand founded by Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock.


The edgy streetwear label was born into the industry in 2011 and has been making huge waves in the streetwear scene since. Taking inspiration from Ollie’s childhood passions; fashion and art, and his love for all things Parisian, the clothing line was a platform for the expression of his creativity.

“I had always known that I was interested in both art and fashion, but before university I had never really considered it as a career path.”


Following in his mother’s footsteps, the entrepreneur admits he was always surrounded by Denim.

“My mum used to have her own company called Denim & Style, so I’ve always been surrounded by denim.”


Striving to build an artistic, fashion based community; Serge DeNimes began by marketing themselves predominantly as a menswear brand. Although they now consider their clothing to be unisex after great interest was shown from both genders.




Since the beginning, Serge DeNimes has aimed to provide collections of quality and individual clothing, while still maintaining their original focus. This is reflected in the latest AW15 collection, where the brand name features heavily on each t-shirt.

‘Our original designs epitomize the urban culture and artistic flair that is the foundation of the Serge lifestyle. We strive to create an artistic community that focuses on producing cutting edge designs.’


The AW15 collection introduced an assortment of new materials. Oliver was keen to showcase that quality and comfort are always considered when designing.

“This collection isn’t just about the ascetic; it’s about the touch.


“People want to wear something which feels good, so this season we’ve brought in a lot of nice new materials. Not only are we focusing on really good design, but also combining it with the best materials. I think the final products really reflects that.”





Serge DeNimes can be purchased through various online retailers and clothing stores across the country, for example, fashion retailer – Thomas Gun.

Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982 and have a very active presence in social media. Thomas Gun pride themselves on spotting the latest thing and are always sure to stock the most desirable menswear brands.







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