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Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Editor



Founded by Thomas L. Kay; Pendleton is an urban clothing brand with Native American heritage.

‘We’ve been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years we’ve been weaving world class woolens in our Northwest Mills.’


Pendleton clothing breathes quality into the men’s fashion industry. Dating back to 1909 when the first Pendleton Woollen Mill opened, initially they began by producing blankets, which evolved into bathrobes and then coats etc.

This authentic yet edgy brand is heavily influenced by Native American culture, with head dress inspired graphics and the use of a more natural colour palate, Pendleton brings something slightly distinctive to our wardrobes.


‘There’s something about vintage Pendleton shirts…’

1924 saw Pendleton emerge with a line of men’s wool shirts made from 100% virgin wool. 1929 saw the line of shirts progress into a full menswear range.

Now known best for their colourful flannel shirts, there really is something special about a vintage Pendleton shirt that speaks comfort and individuality.


‘You can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.’

1960 saw the appearance of a modest group of singers ‘The Pendletones’ taking their name from the classic Pendelton shirt. They later re-named themselves The Beach Boys, and are now regarded as the most iconic American band.

Now, Pendleton manufacture not only their initial line of blankets and shirts, but a line of modern hoodies, tees and sweats targeted at a younger demographic.







Casual yet stylish, Pendleton clothing can be purchased through various online retailers and clothing stores across the country, for example, fashion retailer – Thomas Gun.

The Pendleton clothing range available from Thomas Gun currently includes sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts.

Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982 and have a very active presence in social media. Thomas Gun pride themselves on spotting the latest thing and are always sure to stock the most desirable menswear brands.

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