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FI5TH clothing

was created from heavy SoHo influences.

SoHo – (səʊˈhəʊ)

An exclamation announcing the discovery of something unexpected

Designed for the man who will dress to impress and born into New York’s SoHo neighbourhood; lower Manhattan, the urban label also has strong ties to London.

Unique – (yoo-nek)

Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled

A unique style of clothing is what Fi5th is striving to bring to the UK, attempting to challenge and impose on current trends and bring forward the SoHo influences the British fashion scene is yet to be exposed to.

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Known best for its tees, sweats and tracksuits, the menswear label found success not only in the UK fashion industry, but globally. It didn’t take long before well-known personalities, such as Mario Falcone (TOWIE) began endorsing and promoting the clothing in exchange for free samples.

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“Good fashion is evolution, not revolution”

The bold yet simple nature of the brand consists of the use of two contrasting colours with clean geometric lines and shapes. The quirkier t-shirt designs use just one base colour, but are made more complex by the use of layering different cuts of material on top. The straightforward design of the clothing is then enhanced by the varying use of materials and embellished by the encouraged use of accessories, from charity shop bargains to designer bags and scarfs.

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Keeping in mind the words of influential French designer Pierre Balmain

“the architecture of movement”

The clothing was designed with the idea that true fashion is something the body can move and live in, and not for the body to be restricted inside the clothes.

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Fi5th clothing can be purchased through various online retailers and clothing stores across the country, for example, fashion retailer – Thomas Gun.

  Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982 and have a very active presence in social media. Thomas Gun pride themselves on spotting the latest thing and are always sure to stock the most desirable menswear brands.


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