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Brand Review

Published on December 8th, 2015 | by Editor


Dirty Angels

Dirty Angels is an edgy clothing brand with innovative ideas.


Martyn Woolford, the director and designer of the label noticed a gap in the men’s fashion market and was eager to fill it.

‘Imitation is something we do not do.’

The brand was born from creativity and design; the founders were not from a background of fashion but strongly held the belief that dressing well in quality clothing is key.

Taking strong inspiration from music, parties, tattoos and pretty much every other aspect of life, although the t-shirts were created to target a large audience, the nature of the brand meant easily achievable individual style.

‘It’s about capturing the moment and expressing it in design’
‘Any style, any occasion & for anyone’


Previous to the launch of the clothing line, finding a suitable manufacturer willing to work with a reasonably small brand proved difficult. Luckily for Martyn, through friends and connections in the fashion world he was directed to FDS (Fashion Design Solutions).

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank FDS and its staff for making this process so enjoyable and possible.”

The brands logo is definitely something to be discussed. Relating to the ‘Angels’ in the brands name, the winged logo is located on the back right shoulder.

The unusual logo placement is a less selfish approach that other streetwear labels may want to consider, it highlights the fact the brand is not solely interested in branding their clothing but focus on the design aspect.

‘It isn’t just about chasing the latest fashion styles, but starting the styles of our own for others to chase.’



Dirty Angel’s clothing greatly appeals to the youth of today. Worn by the likes of Mark Wright, Elliott Wright and other fellow TOWIE stars, Dirty Angels also became an instant success among the urban celebrity.


Dirty Angels clothing can be purchased through various online retailers and clothing stores across the country, for example, fashion retailer – Thomas Gun.

Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982 and have a very active presence in social media. Thomas Gun pride themselves on spotting the latest thing and are always sure to stock the most desirable menswear brands.




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