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Brand Review

Published on December 7th, 2015 | by Editor


Chptr & Vrse

Chptr & Vrse is best known for its quality and unique graphic designs.

What started as a couple of friends customising each other’s clothes sparked an idea that transformed into an established streetwear brand.

Organically born and taking strong inspirations from urban-style lyrical quotes, musical muses and tongue in cheek attitude towards religion, Chptr and Vrse have the perfect combination of individual style and comfort, creating a current, urban label.

“Music is my Religion”


“Chptr & Vrse is ready to breathe a breath of fresh air into the industry.”


Targeting the well-dressed modern man who may also seek the bad-boy image, Chptr and Vrse have a distinctive design and effective colour palette. Evolving from their initial use of black and white they began introducing psychedelic yellows and acid-wash accents, the abnormal yet effective concept became an instant hit.

‘Fearless’ comes to mind when looking for a word best to describe the nature of the urban label. The scowling male models and controversial use of playful religious attitude feeds the clothing’s originality.


Physiology, Pharmacology and Development of Epileptogenic Phenomena

“We hope you have as much enjoyment wearing our garments as we have had creating them”.




Sketches of Travel: Or Twelve Months in Europe (1878)

After the initial launch of the urban-wear clothing, Chptr & Vrse is now best known for their line of tongue in cheek religious tees which depict images such as rosaries, naked nuns, DJs and rough urban landscapes.

The brand has picked up a loyal following now with 66,000+ Twitter followers which Chptr and Vrse expect to continue and grow long into the future.

The clothing can be purchased online through various online retailers, for example Thomas Gun.

Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982 and have a very active presence in social media. Thomas Gun pride themselves on spotting the latest thing and are always sure to stock the most desirable menswear brands.

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